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I've struggled with weight loss for so long and I'm finally ready to do something about it! Please feel free to post weight loss tips, exercises, and recipes on my page. I'm looking for motivation because I don't have a lot of support at home. I have no one to work out with, take walks with, or even diet with...so I need help. I can't wait to post my before and after pics up on one of those weight loss blogs!!! But for right now, I only have a before. If you have weight to lose, please join me...and if you've already been on your journey for a while...please help the rest of us out!
Cool Stuff :)
Calling for help…

I got off track!!!! Please help!!!! I need motivation!!!

Vampire diaries and food log

Help me. I’m obsessed. In my medicated state, I couldn’t do anything, so I started watching the series again…from the beginning…and now I can’t stop. There’s just so many things that I didn’t catch the first time. Damon, Stefen…oh goodness how will I stop!?!?

In other news, I was able to eat without gorging today. It was not enough but it was better than tacos and Chinese food.

Breakfast: jd turkey sausage croissant
Lunch: string cheese and quakes
Snacks: fiber one bar, dove dark chocolate
Dinner: apple and walnut yogurt
…wow…that’s not a lot of food…I need to eat a little more

I was in the hospital

Sorry to all my followers. I’ve been in the hospital, kidney stones, yay. Then I was on some Percocet which made me loopy and tired and hungry. So, In these past few weeks, I’ve reversed all I’ve done since may, but not what I’ve learned. I’m back up to my starting weight, but I will get back on my feet. Today was my first (almost) painless day. I felt good. I didn’t take any pain meds, and I got up and went to school. I ate clean. I haven’t gotten back to my exercising, but one thing at a time. I’ll get there. I’m about to do a cleanse to rid my body of all the toxins. Kidney stones are killer, ive had them before. I’ve gotten so many comments on “you’re dehydrated.” no, I’m not. I drink tons of water. My kidney stones are hereditary. Although I can eliminate things like milk from my diet in an attempt to prevent them, there is no guarantee. This is something I will have to deal with.

Wish me luck. :-)

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