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I've struggled with weight loss for so long and I'm finally ready to do something about it! Please feel free to post weight loss tips, exercises, and recipes on my page. I'm looking for motivation because I don't have a lot of support at home. I have no one to work out with, take walks with, or even diet with...so I need help. I can't wait to post my before and after pics up on one of those weight loss blogs!!! But for right now, I only have a before. If you have weight to lose, please join me...and if you've already been on your journey for a while...please help the rest of us out!
Cool Stuff :)

Me and my baby!!! Ugh love her so so so much! She is my inspiration to quit smoking and lead a healthier life.

My daughter is at the age where she makes up her own songs. Yesterday, on my 4th day of giving up meat, she sings “vegetables are good for you. They make your tummy feel so much better.”…even if I don’t see any improvement in my body, that right there is worth the change!

Veggie pyramid

thetmblrtrainer said:
Hey, I just read your post about quitting smoking. Good decision! Cutting it down to 3 is already a great success! Try to set this as you new benchmark, and take 4 or 5 as your max allowed per day. And then lower this by just one every week. This should be pretty easy to stick to, and yet, you keep reducing. Hope it works for you! Oh and just out of interest: How hard would it be to go just one full day without smoking, just as a challenge? Try it! All the best, and message me for support! :)

Thanks! It’s great to know that people support me.

It gets to be a challenge at night. I can go all day without smoking, but after my daughter goes to bed, all I want is to relax and smoke. I could probably easily cut it down to one or two a night, but after that…it’s going to be very hard. But I’m on my last pack and I’ve committed to that. My brother in law quit 10 years ago and said its all in your mind.

Veggie bound

So, I’ve decided to go vegetarian…no set amount of time, just going for however long I want. I’m on day 4 and it’s pretty damn easy. I’m feeling great, have loads of energy, and no headaches or tummy aches. Next thing to go are the cigarettes!! It’s so crazy how easy all of this is. I’ve been eating meat all my life and been smoking for almost 6 years, but I’m calm and looking forward to the changes.

I’ve only had 3 cigs today…it used to be 7-10, when I actually counted. Some days I’d go through a whole pack!!! Disgusting right?! How can I possibly work out as hard as I want to when I can barely breathe?!

Today is January 2, 2013. I’m gonna say that by New Year’s Eve of 2013, I’ll be in the best shape of my life! I’m already working on it!

Veggie pizza :-)

Vegetarian day 4 :-)

plot twist: i lose weight.

Oatmeal was delicious this am…I’m getting back to it, I just have to jump in. Starting work again has my focus blurred. I’ve been drinking energy drinks like crazy, iced coffee, and eating fast food all the time. I’ve been making excuses for my habits, but I’m making the change…again. Hey, you can only fail so many times before you succeed, and at least I’m trying.

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